The Academy of St. Bartholomew
Now that everyone is settling into the new school year it is time to focus on our Volunteer Involvement Program ("VIP"). The VIP’s purpose is simple: to enable all of our families to contribute much-needed time toward the smooth operation of our fundraising, volunteering and community-building efforts. The end result allows us to keep our facilities top-notch and tuition costs down.
What is required?
Each family will participate in a total of 20 volunteer hours. Ten (10) of those hours can be spent assisting in a variety of school- and parish-sponsored events/programs, such as lunchroom/playground helper, hospitality committee or athletic coach. The ten (10) remaining hours will be spent in connection with one or more revenue-generating efforts, such as the winter fundraiser or bingo concession. All families will also participate in the fall candy bar and Easter candy sales; however, no hours will be credited for those sales.
As outlined by Father Len last January, the final tuition payment in May 2010 will be waived for active, participating, contributing and volunteering parents/guardians. This is a major cost savings to all eligible families.
What is required?
First, and most important, be certain that you have returned your completed VIP Commitment Form (the "green form") to the school office. Additional copies are available on the PSSG website ( or through the office. Your name will be given to the chairpersons for all of the activities you are signing up to work.
Next, record your own time for each of your volunteer efforts. The easiest and most accurate way to keep track of your hours is to submit them electronically through the PSSG website. Log on and register to create your own password protected account. On-line reporting gives you instant access to your hours and eliminates delays in cataloging them. For password assistance send an email to John Dzurko ( can provide additional technical support.
If you prefer you can also use the VIP Reporting Form to track and report your hours. It is available on the web and through the office. Be sure to include specific dates and hours of service on the form. Return it in hard copy to the office marked "VIP" hours. Because these hours must be manually entered into the system there will be a delay between the time you submit them and when you receive credit.
More Information
You should begin recording your hours immediately. In most cases the actual hours spent on an event or activity constitute the number of VIP hours to report. However, one (1) hour will also be credited for each of the following:
*$40 bingo concession supply donation
*Winter fundraiser silent auction donations valued at $50+
*Bingo bakery contributions
*Participation at general PSSG or Athletic Association meetings
Committee/event chairpersons will validate the hours submitted to insure that proper credit is given to each family. You will receive quarterly notification of your recorded hours. Updated lists of volunteer opportunities and chairperson contact information will be posted on the web throughout the year.
Remember: VIRTUS training and fingerprinting are required for the vast majority of our volunteer opportunities. If you are not yet trained, visit the VIRTUS link on the PSSG website for upcoming sessions at St. Bart’s (Sept. 17) and other area parishes. A few volunteer activities (Market Day, bingo concession) do not require VIRTUS training.
You should continue to record your hours even after you have completed the required 20. Families with hours in excess of the minimum are encouraged to donate them to assist others who are experiencing hardships.
What is different for 2011-12?
The total number of required VIP hours has changed from 15 to 20. These additional hours reflect our commitment to assist in keeping our facilities first-rate and tuition costs low. In the face of difficult economic times we are fortunate to have seen a 0% increase in our tuition for this year.
A maximum of five (5) VIP hours will also be given for participation in the gift card program and Market Day. One hour will be credited for:
*Each $1500 of gift cards purchased
*Every $400 spent on Market Day
General questions regarding the program can be sent to the VIP Committee care of the office. Specific questions regarding individual hardships that are confidential in nature should be directed to Mrs. Palascak. For your convenience this memo is posted on the PSSG website.