Ms. Darcy Flynn

Health Aide

My name is Darcy Flynn. I am a mother to a very beautiful little Girl, Gracie. She will be 5 in December. As a family, we enjoy going to the park, going on hikes and then ending our evenings with a big ice cream cone. Gracie and I both share a deep passion for music and the arts. I love to write and Gracie loves to draw-we make the perfect artistic duo. Every Christmas, Grace and I like to organize some type of volunteer activity to donate to those less fortunate than us. We really enjoy helping our community in any way we can. We are both very passionate about people and enjoy doing anything we can to positively impact their lives.

Aside from being a parent, I also work 2 jobs that I absolutely love, and also attend college. I recently received my Associates degree in Social Work and am still working towards my Bachelors and then eventually, my Masters. I aspire to one day work with adolescent victims of trauma and abuse. I also write and self publish books on Amazon for fun. Aside from St. Bartholomew, I also work at a gym in the evening.

I love working there because the atmosphere is incredibly positive and everyone is upbeat and fun. I especially love my job here at St. Bartholomew. I love helping the students make healthy decisions and being a mentor when they’re in need. I would say I am most known for the bulletin boards that I make outside my clinic. I like to keep it festive, vivid and fun for the kids!